Saturday, 22 October 2016


  • Why it's too late to bet on the Mexican peso

    05:41 | 22/10/16
    The U.S. election's still a few weeks away, but investors hoping to profit off a Hillary Clinton victory by betting on the Mexican peso are already too late, according to a top currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman. Since late September, the ... more»
  • The British pound's drop to a historic low

    04:56 | 22/10/16
    On today's show, we'll talk about the British pound's 19-percent decline since the Brexit vote; Starbucks' big push into China; and how California's state fire agency uses social media to try and save lives. more»
  • Neoliberalism and the Future of the Euro Zone

    03:26 | 22/10/16
    Center for Research on Globalization
    The unequal development of the countries of the euro area since the outbreak of the crisis is causing increasing friction that threatens to tear the monetary union apart. more»
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