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Daily NZX Report
for 26/03/2017
NZSX 50 Index up 11.3 points.
The New Zealand sharemarket was relatively flat today, with 80 advances and 77 declines. The NZSX 50 Index Index rose 11.3 points, or 0.16%, to close at 7073.83 while the NZSX 15 Index finished the day 33.3 points (0.25%) up at 13240.49.

Today's big movers were Fletcher Building up 0.04 (0.51%) at 7.96, AMP up 0.12 (2.25%) at 5.46, Z Energy up 0.08 (1.15%) at 7.05, Sky Network Television up 0.02 (0.53%) at 3.80 and Auckland International Airport up 0.08 (1.10%) at 6.90.

NZX Indices
NZ50NZSX 507,0597,074110.16
ZXVNZSX 1513,19913,240330.25
NC50NZSX Portfolio4,3774,38440.09
NZTSNZX SciTech2,7902,804110.39
T10NZSX 101,3161,32250.42
SEMCNZSX MidCap4,0244,02980.20
SCINZSX SCI13,88013,912220.16
A99All Index1,3011,30420.13
AXASNZAX All Index584.85585.280.430.07
Top 10 by Value Traded
Todays Top Stories
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Transcat Inc versus Willis Lease Finance Corporation Head to Head Compare
26 Mar 2017 10:11 CML News
These companies have the same star rating so the head-to-head compare will rely on a deep dive into specific metric comparisons. The CML Star Rating is an objective, quantifiable measure of a company's operating and financial condition.  more...
MOCON Inc versus Wireless Telecom Group Inc Head to Head Compare
26 Mar 2017 11:07 CML News
MOCON Inc has a substantially higher fundamental rating then Wireless Telecom Group Inc which has an impact on the head-to-head comparison.  more...
Digirad Corporation versus Sharps Compliance Corp. Head to Head Compare
26 Mar 2017 10:11 CML News
Digirad Corporation has a substantially higher fundamental rating then Sharps Compliance Corp. which has an impact on the head-to-head comparison.  more...
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