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Daily Market Report
for 20/04/2014
INVESTMENT EXTRA: Chinese reform is set to benefit investors in the longer term
19 Apr 2014 09:11 This is Money
Meanwhile Howard Wang, manager of the JPMorgan Greater China fund, is interested in technology-related companies such as Macau Gaming, and the growing renewable energy sector.  more...
Close up of a brown gavel (Photo: Wavebreakmedia Ltd, Getty Images ...
19 Apr 2014 16:11 The News Journal
10 a.m., Wilmington, oral argument before Vice Chancellor Laster, Norwest Equity Partners VIII LP v. BASF Corp. 1 p.m.  more...
California financial services firm First Foundation files for a $58 million IPO
19 Apr 2014 17:03 Renaissance Capital
Renaissance Capital, the Global IPO Fund (symbol: IPOSX) or the Renaissance IPO ETF (symbol: IPO), may have investments in securities of companies mentioned.  more...
The Chinese Yuan Weakens on Weak Economic Data
19 Apr 2014 09:33 ForexMinute.com
“The yuan is under pressure to weaken amid concern about the Chinese growth,” Tsutomu Soma, a Tokyo-based, a fixed-income business unit manager at Rakuten Securities Inc. told Bloomberg.  more...
No more conflict minerals from DRC
20 Apr 2014 00:22 Independent Online
Even before the US legislation took effect, big buyers like Apple Inc and Hewlett Packard stopped sourcing metals from the region.  more...
For rapid growth, Africa is the new China
19 Apr 2014 09:11 The Globe and Mail
... of risk and reward, emerging markets have been dragged down by their slowing economic growth. Many strategists suggest investors forget about emerging markets for now and instead put money in developed economies like the United States and Europe.  more...
Forbes: NZ facing economic disaster
19 Apr 2014 13:16 3News
A study led by Jesse Colombo, who calls himself an independent economic analyst, highlights 12 reasons why New Zealand faces an economic disaster.  more...
New Zealand Dollar: Lots of Room to Disappoint in RBNZ
19 Apr 2014 14:37 DailyFX
The market seems pretty certain that the New Zealand central bank will usher in the strongest wave of monetary policy - and thereby carry increase - of the majors.  more...
VW Signals It Will Outsell GM in China Again This Year
20 Apr 2014 00:11 Bloomberg
“We're certainly seeing cities in China place restrictions, there are pressures on the infrastructure, there are pollution issues,” Finbarr O'Neill, president of J.D.  more...
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