Sunday, 30 August 2015

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  • Kiwis Thinking Ahead About Managing Money

    11:13 | 30/8/15
    As Money Week begins, a majority of Kiwis are thinking about savings with retirement the top reason for saving money, according to the latest research from MasterCard.  more»
  • Calls for Al Jazeera journalists to be freed

    11:05 | 30/8/15
    The United States says it's "deeply disappointed and concerned" after an Egyptian court sentenced three Al Jazeera reporters to three years in prison.  more»
  • The union for employed midwives on gender pay equality

    11:05 | 30/8/15
    Midwifery Employee Representation and Advisory Services (‘MERAS’) fully supports and applauds the actions taken by the New Zealand College of Midwives (‘the College’) on behalf of community Lead Maternity Care (‘LMC’) midwives to legally challenge ... more»
  • Council supports midwives’ test case on gender pay equality

    11:03 | 30/8/15
    The National Council of Women of New Zealand supports the College of Midwives taking action over what the college sees as structural sexism which impacts on midwives’ pay and conditions and the level of support women giving birth receive. more»
  • Chinese Premier assures economy is stable

    10:36 | 30/8/15
    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has issued assurances over his country's economy after global markets were unsettled by concerns over its slowing growth.  more»
  • Paul Chryst looks to stabilize Badgers as UW's third coach since 2012

    10:30 | 30/8/15
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    "I think the best way to help the players through any transition is to try to be as up front, let them know everything that you're doing and why you're doing it," said Chryst, who played under three head coaches at UW. more»
  • Georgia Gov. Deal urges legislators to use caution on phasing out income tax

    10:07 | 30/8/15
    Florida Times-Union
    This month, the House Ways and Means Committee held the first of a series of hearings on a bill that would shrink the income tax from 6 percent to 4 and compensate by boosting the sales tax from 4 percent to 5, all over three years. more»
  • Cycling program takes seniors on a ride back to their youth

    09:56 | 30/8/15
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    "Just to be able to help the elders get outside is great. They have so much to say," said Paalman, who is on a one-year internship at Lutheran Homes. "The memories you hear while riding the bicycle are extraordinary." For more information or to start a ... more»
  • Finney: New Drake president falling in love with DM

    09:33 | 30/8/15
    He was active in the community, leading a task force that reviewed police use of force and worked with community leaders to improve the neighborhoods surrounding campus. more»
  • Jacob Lister: The way of taxes

    09:22 | 30/8/15
    News & Observer
    First, only the income tax rate would be limited. ... As for spending limitations, the legislature could increase overall state spending by cutting spending on local items like schools, foisting the burden of funding them onto cities and counties, and ... more»
  • Monster boat plant in Newport News killed by Depression

    09:18 | 30/8/15
    Daily Press
    Drawing on the twin legacies of his father - a pioneering powerboat enthusiast and a founder of Dodge Motor Cars - he spent nearly a year searching for the best site on which to erect a giant boat-building assembly line designed to both cut costs and ... more»
  • HOOPER: Summing up summer

    08:26 | 30/8/15
    Edmonton Sun
    Presented by Rogers and Digital Communications, this sold-out event raised a jaw-dropping $1,143,315! Not all that money was raised in the auction; the biggest chunk of it comes from sponsorships and a number of 'companion tournaments' that generate ... more»
  • Real Estate Roundup, Week of Aug. 30, 2015

    08:26 | 30/8/15
    New Haven Register
    CBRE Group Inc. has announced that Jeffrey Dunne and Steven Bardsley of CBRE's Institutional Properties team negotiated the $16,730,000 sale of 6 Armstrong Road in Shelton, on behalf of an entity controlled by Marcus Partners Inc. The team also was ... more»
  • Toyota Invests In Future Engineers and Business Leaders by Providing First ...

    08:26 | 30/8/15
    He has a natural love for science and wants to focus on sustainable infrastructure or renewable energy upon graduation. ... She has plans to expand her business knowledge by venturing into nonprofit community development upon graduation. ... As part of ... more»
  • Al Jazeera to appeal ' deliberate attack on press freedom'

    08:26 | 30/8/15
    Al Jazeera has vowed to appeal an Egyptian court verdict to sentence three of its journalists to three years in prison, calling it a "deliberate attack on press freedom".  more»
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